Kenya wildlife

Being in the midst of teeming wildlife in the African savannah is awe-inspiring to say the least and entirely absorbing of both mind and body, despite the familiarity stemming from countless photographs and big screen classics set in this amazing landscape of wide vistas and big skies. But despite all the images that one has seen over the years, there is nothing that can match the personal enrichment one derives from seeing the drama unfold in real life – and having the privilege to record it all through the lens in person as a first-time witness. Above all, this is an opportunity to once again instil a sense of awe and to renew awareness globally of the need to preserve our ecosystems and to conserve the wildlife which are under severe threat from climate change and from the depraved actions of poachers and traffickers of animal parts, feeding the mindless demand for dubious medicines, funding distant wars and to sate their selfish interests, personal aggrandisement and avarice.

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